ATV or UTV? Just Pick the Best

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If you live in a village, or you have a farm, you might want to have a UTV or ATV. ATV and UTV are not your typical vehicle, you have to really know about ATV or UTV if you want to have it. ATV is the short name of all-terrain vehicle. It is also known as three-wheelers or four-wheelers. ATV might look like motorcycle because it has handlebars where you can find steering control and the seat should have been straddled by the operator.

However ATV has very big wheels and it when it travels, you will find that it moves on low pressure tires. There have been so many types of ATV since it was launched years ago from six-wheeled ATV, three-wheelers, four-wheelers, to side by side ATV. There are also racing models for ATV if you like to use your ATV for racing. ATV has only one driver seat, so you cannot bring anyone with you. However there is other almost similar vehicle that has one drive seat and one passenger seat, it is called UTV. UTV stands for Utility terrain vehicle. Just like the name, UTV is used to accommodate you at rough road to do your job. UTV which is also known as side by side vehicle, multi-use vehicle, recreational off-high way vehicle or recreational utility vehicle because you can do many things with it.

Driving ATV and UTV is not easy. You have to learn it from the professional. So before you decide to buy ATV or UTV, you have to learn to drive it.  You also should know about the accessories and spare part of the vehicle so that if there is problem with your vehicle you know what to do. There are so many model and brand for ATV and UTV you should research about the vehicle you want to buy. You should also research about the store that sells UTV or ATV.

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